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Re-gearing is GREAT!

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I had 33's with stock gears on Monday. Today I picked up my '04 5 speed Rubi after having 35's and 4:88's installed. OMG!
Just want to thank any of you out there that endured my posts'/questions for the past couple years about re-gearing and what to get. With your help I got it right! I'm now a believer.....This is the best thing by far you can do to restore power with larger tires.

I was gonna just do 4:56 with my 33's but a couple folks said go big or you'll regret it.
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Congrats!!! Get them broke in nice and easy (or however they recommend anyway) then enjoy it!!! Yes, gearing is the best bang for buck mod you can do if you've swapped to larger rubber. There is NOTHING else that will come close, period. Glad you're happy.

Best of Luck,

My avatar (RIP) was regeared and I luv'd it. The JK I had was not regeared, driving it was not nearly as fun.

Congrats and good to hear you're happy with this mod.
it is funny, my 04 has 4.88 gears and was undrivable in 5th with 35s. With 4.88s it is great. My LJ with the 6 speed on 35s ATs and little extra weight has more pep than the TJ with 4.88s. This is because the 6 speed is has a deeper highway gear.
congrats on the 4.88s but you will kick yourself later wishing for 5.13s

Take it up to 75 MPH and see if you get a front driveline rumble.
Congrats! :beerchug:

Good move although I agree with Charles.
chaz187 said:
congrats on the 4.88s but you will kick yourself later wishing for 5.13s

I never did and have been on 4.88s for 6 years now, I do it right the first time :D
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