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Rausch Creek Dec 18-19

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3 Rubis headed up. My LJ with RK LA and 34s. TJ on Iroks. A 2 door JK on 35s. All are welcome to join us, like to run everything up to and including blacks.
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I've never been, but always wanted to go. Now that I live in Central NY vs. the Canadian border, its a reasonable 5hr drive. I wish I had something to wheel down there right now.....soon though....soon. I'm actually driving down to Florida for the holiday right around guys wouldn't want a 275lb hood ornament for the day would ya?-haha
Well I'm sure someone would have room. I'm actually still not sure if the GF is coming with me or not, she might have to work.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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