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Random Chiming

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So I was driving over to my sister's house to take a look at their brand new 2011 4 door Rubicon and my Jewp decided to act a little funny. I have a 2006 Unlimited Rubicon with the 6 speed manual. Driving at about 40 mph in fifth gear and the dash started chiming at me. I thought it was the gas light coming on at first, but then it kept chiming and I started to get a little nervous. I pulled over and right as I was coming to a stop, the chiming stopped. All the gauges were normal and the check engine light was not on. I shut it off and tried the key trick just to make sure there were no codes and none came up so I decided I must be good to go and drove off. About 5 miles later, same thing happened. Chiming started up and just kept going. This time I took a good look at the gauges and all were exactly where they normally are. It stopped on it's own again after about a mile (I couldn't get over a lane to pull off the road).

Anybody have any ideas on this? Any help or suggestions would be really appreciated.
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signal left on or parking brake not fully off
Blinker was not on. Hadn't even thought of that. I had thought of the parking break as well and that wasn't it. Plus doesn't something red blink if the parking break is on?
The switches in the door jamb of both driver and passenger side... Are they working correctly? Course i guess if they werent your interior lights would be on. Another idea is the monitored connection at the parking brake. If you remove the center console, there is a simple switch (or on my 04 there is) and it has a connection with 2 wires. Perhaps there has been a short at the connection, the switch isn't working right, or corrosion has infiltrated the connection. Thus the computer is not getting the signal from the parking brake indicating that it is in fact OFF.
could be the turn signal stalk going. does the chiming only start after about 1/2 mile of driving?
Elwarpo said:
could be the turn signal stalk going. does the chiming only start after about 1/2 mile of driving?
Ditto The chime goes on after a little bit if the turn signal is left on. Could be it is faulty. Next time it chimes turn on the turn signal and cancel it see if the chime stops.

Things like this can make you go mad!
bob1340 said:
...................................Things like this can make you go mad!
I and DoctorD have had it happen on occasion and he claimed that it was not worth worrying about.

Now, with some good news. If, it is your left multifunction switch, you can pick them up at Advance Auto for $50 and change. If, you don't have one near you, order online and have it delivered. My fogs lamps started turning themselves on and Rockauto didn't have the ones for fog lamps. I wasn't paying the stealership price of $100+. The replacement arrived in a Duralast box but, it was the EXACT same as the OEM one. It even had the Mopar molded into the part.
Thank you all for the responses. I will definitely try the blinker if this problem reoccurs in the future. I drove home from my sisters last night (about 10 miles) and didn't have any problems. I am hoping it was just an isolated incident, but if it wasn't, at least my mind is eased on whether or not I should be worried about it.
Oddly enough, mine did it once about 3 years ago. I never found a reason why. all gauges were normal, no CEL light. dome lists were off.

It's never done it since.
I just realized that I posted the wrong parts store for the source of the left MFS. It's actually Auto Zone. Left MFS is the correct part.
Mine did it once as well. Maybe twice.
Not sure what your eventual fix was, but I just wanted to add ...

When the parking break switch or wiring is defective, the dash light for "Brakes" should be blinking on and off, while driving along with the chime. Then once you stop during this condition the light goes off and the chime stops. Since you are not driving with the brake on, but once you start rolling again, it starts to chime and blink.

Ask how I know - Mine just started this behavior this past week. Time to dig into the console.
Luckily this was apparently a one time thing for me. Good luck with finding what is causing your.
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