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Question about tub damage

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So came out of a store the other day to find some one had backed into the drivers side rear of my Rubi. They cracked the cheap plastic corner cover things that I have on there and dented in the tub pretty good.

I've heard before that if you damage the tub corners the Jeep is totaled. Is this true?

Any one on here an auto repair estimator?

Thanks guys
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Follow the money. It wouldn't make any sense for Chrysler (or any other manufacturer) to build a vehicle that instantly becomes a total loss when somebody backs into a corner. Any of the body guys on here can tell you it would require some pretty extensive damage to the tub alone to total it.

Do yourself a favor and replace the cheap plastic corners with some good steel or aluminum corners from Rokmen or something similar. I'd be willing to bet that they'd have paid for themselves if they were already on there when the person hit you. There's a good chance they can cover the existing damage and still look great, too.
What? totalled for a dented corner? why?

The only thing I'd be worried about is the passenger side rear quarter on TJs (not sure about newer ones). There is a big emission dealy thing there with gas lines going to it and it could be dangerous knocking that out of place. On the driver side there's not much other than the fuel filler neck and the tail light.

It sounds like a good time to get some rear quarter panel protection to cover up the dent and also a new rear bumper!
It's fixable...

Post a pic and I'll give ya a ball park...

I doubt there is enough damage for a total. Now, if the frame is caved in, windshield popped out and the hood won't shut, maybe,.

As posted, there are some parts that are out of sight that can be expensive to replace but even then I would be hard pressed fit a total.

Most insurance adjusters will give you up to 60% of value before they total it. If it's at 50% you might be able to get them to total it but you'll have to jump up and down and throw a trantrum..

I would guess 9k in damage will total it. I can replace a lot of tub panels for that kind of money.
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