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Problem Code P303

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My scanner says number 3 misfire. When I clear the MIL it stays off until I let it idle a while like when warming it up. The MIL stays on and will not go off unless I reset it with my scanner. The motor seems to idle and it runs fine. I can feel and hear no difference when the MIL comes on with this code. On a Google search I found someone that had a wiring harness on a Cherokee rubbing by a valve cover stud. Anyone else had this problem? My 04 Rubicon has 85,000 miles on it and I bought it new in 2003.
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I sincerely doubt it is that the solution for the Cherokee would be the same for your rubi. But anything is possible. If in your shoes, first thing i would do is pull the sparkplug and check it out. Clean it if it is real dirty, check the gap, reinstall and see what happens.

A search can indicate many different ideas:

BTW, welcome to ROF!!
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