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Possible Clutch/Transmission Problem

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My brothers gf is having a problem with her Jeep JK... 4 door Rubicon 24K miles 6 speed. It's been described to be as being able to shift fine into 3,5,6 gears but sometimes shifts hard into 2 and when it's in 4, it's gutless almost like it's slipping. She stated it shifts fine into the gears. She took it to a shop that doesn't do clutch work and they stated it was the clutch. I can't believe it would be. It's never driven hard, no lift, no super tires, no off-road. She is pretty good at driving manual too. Any help? Also, I'm a TJ guy so is the "go to" for TJ replacements and work... is there anybody out there with great JK help? A new clutch already?!?
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I would first check for any binding on top of the shifter housing or maybe a branch became lodged in it. Also pull off the shifter boot and see if the stick is hitting anything.
That would be my guess too. Possible binding. Being new and low miles I can't believe there would be clutch issues on a stock, driven on pavement rubi by a good driver.

I've seen inexperienced manual transmission drivers smoke their clutch and still be able to shift in all gears.

I've read where the JK's get mud,dirt etc in that area but you have cleared that.

I'd say a trip to the dealer. Still under warranty?
I asked the same question about the warranty... she said it's out of warranty. I'm in the same boat you guys are... I have a REAL hard time believing it's the clutch already.

I'm going to drive it tomorrow and hopefully get under it...
Yeah that would be the first thing I would do. Grab a flash light and inspect everything.

Hopefully it's something simple like a loose bolt on the linkage or something. Heck, it could be as simple as some loose change worked it's way under the shift boot and binding stuff up. Lol

Either way be sure to post back up with what you have found. It might help a fellow jeeper out.
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