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Poison Spyder Customs & Customer Service

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Starting a small project soon involving my rear crusher corners I got way back when PSC was owned by Clifton Slay. I thought it would be good to have some extra bolts, washers, & nuts on hand...I know I need 2 for sure. Anyway I cant get that size of countersunk bolt without buying a 100 or so of them around here. So I called PSC to see what they will charge. He encouraged me to find them elsewhere cause shipping would eat me alive. After I explained the situation to him he is sending me a bag of hardware FREE!! :D

Hows that for service! Stainless steel hardware for FREE! :appl:
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Larry and Cheri are great for PS

x2! I've had excellent customer service from PSC!
WOW!!! Just got my free bolts. Keep in mind i only needed about 4 bolts. PSC sent me the whole freaking hardware kit!!! Way above and beyond what I needed or asked. Way to go PSC! :D
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