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PISTONS WILD Motorsports

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Club Name: PISTONS WILD Motorsports
Location: Ridgefield WA

West of the Mississippi

Pistons Wild Motorsports Club was founded in 2007 by a small group of friends who enjoy motorsports.

Upon our formation, we decided that because we love many types of motorsports, our club would be based on that fact.
Members enjoy motorsports of a wide variety. Pretty much anything with an engine. Dirt, Sand, Snow and Water. On two, three or four wheels, on tracks, ski's, or pontoons. We love to participate and or watch em all.

Also important to many in our group is the responsible and sustainable use of the areas we enjoy. Several of our members are active in associations and user groups that promote this responsible use of our recreation areas. We love to be outdoors and want to keep it for future generations to enjoy. We discourage illigal or irrisponsible activities in these areas and are vocal in this effort.

Over the past 3 ½ years, we have been working closely with the Washington State Department of Natural Resources – Pacific Cascade Region, in regards to opening 4x4 trails in the Yacolt Burn Forest Area as well as improving the overall recreation experience for all motorized sports enthusiasts. We feel confident that progress is being made towards the Yacolt Burn becoming a “destination of choice” for 4-wheeler’s as well as ATV and dirt bike enthusiasts. We have attended many meetings and have been on multiple rides with DNR representatives in the Yacolt Burn discussing opportunities for 4x4 trails. We have also been on trail rides with DNR management to take them to some of the best active 4x4 multi-use areas in the area. This is an effort to show them how the 4-wheel drive community can be not only a user of the forest but an asset to the management agency responsible for the stewardship of the land.

One of our primary functions over the past 3 ½ years has been to raise funding to support the building and maintenance of the motorized trail system in the proposed Yacolt Burn ORV Recreation Area. Due to generous cash donations from local businesses, clubs and individuals – we have raised over $16,000 to go toward the creation and maintenance of the motorized trails in the Yacolt Burn State Forest. Many of those dollars were also earned by dedicated, hard working club members by way of vehicle recoveries in the forest, shirt sales and the re-selling of donated items. Many of those funds also came from a Cruise-In event that has been hosted by Piston’s Wild club members at Woody’s 4x4 in October of every year since 2008.

A huge chunk, $4,000 of that total, was by the way of a grant from the 2010 BF Goodrich Outstanding Trails Program – a National Award, never before granted to a club simply for their dedicated efforts to open “NEW” 4x4 trails in the United States. We were so honored to receive this award and can’t wait to get to work on the trails and put that money to good use!
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