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But no pics :mad: My lousy cheap digital camera won't take a shot from less than four feet away, and from that distance you can't see anything. I'll try to borrow a better camera and snap some pics later, but I'm going on vacation for two weeks starting next Friday and I don't think I'll get them done before that.

A more detailed write up will be on my web site eventually.
* * * I am not a mechanic, an electrician, or sane. Copy me at your own risk * * *

- Air bag switch from a 2003 TJ SE part# 1-56010301AB
* * A switch from an older TJ will NOT work the same. The switches are physically different inside.
- Plug for the back of the air bag switch. When the dealer looked up the part on the computer all they found was a huge expensive wiring harness. I went to the wrecker and found a plug that was close enough and trimmed it to fit. No idea where it come from, it was in a "loose parts" bin. You need a 6 pin plug, but only four of the pins are used. Don't sweat if the pins are not in the right place, they are easy to move.
- Extra pins for the plug on the air bag control module. Go to the wrecker and find an XJ or TJ and get the plug off the air bag module. On XJs its under the back of the center console.


Step 1: Mount the switch.
The stock location is the flat space to the right of the locker switches, but that spot looked too usefull to give up, so I removed the right-hand cigarette lighter socket and mounted the switch in place of it. This required a dremel, a file, and a lot of epoxey.

Step 2: Wire your plug.
If you need to change the pin locations you pop the red plastic bit out from between the pins, then slide a jewler screwdriver down the side of the pins to release them, then pull them out. I put two feet of wire on each pin, but 16 inches probably would have been plenty.
Pin1 - Switched power
Pin2 - ACM pin 8
Pin3 - ACM pin 11
Pin6 - ACM pin 22
Know which wire is which? alrighty then, feed it them from wherever your switch is down to the ACM.

Step 3: remove ACM (Air Bag Control Module)
Four bolts hold it to the floor just in front of the center console. A small 10mm ratchet does the trick.
Turn it enough to get at the plug. The two white tabs on ech side of the plug pop out 1/4" to unlock it, then squeeze the side tabs and pull. Remove the ACM out the passenger side (more room), but then shove the harness back to the driver side for extra slack.

Step 4: prepare the ACM plug.
Now the fun bit - disassemble the plug (practice on the one from the wrecker). First remove the white locking tab thingys. Now see the blue tabs on the side of the plug? One side has one and the other side has two. Push the single tab into the plug and it should click in. Now carefully pry the black backing out of the yellow body. Their are four lock tabs with slots for prying beside them. Don't drop any pieces :twisted:.
Seperate the sections of the switch slightly and look at the part closest to the wires. See all the little tabs blocking the slots that aren't used? break off the tabs for pins 8, 11 and 22. Now get your drill and drill out the holes for pins 8, 11 and 22 in the back of that part so the new wires can pass through. Don't drill any more than just barely deep enough to open the holes.
Reasemble the switch. If you can't get the pins to go into their holes in the yellow bit a small paper clip can be used to guide them.

Step 5: Add the new wires to the ACM.
Take the ends from three wires in your scrap plug and put them on your new ACM wires. Making sure you know which is going where slide them into their correct holes in the ACM plug. They should seat with a slight click, but if you tug they will usually come back out.
Once all wires are in place and after double checking that none of the factory wires have been pulled loose push the blue double tabs into the side of the plug to re-lock the pins in place (they are all one piece). If you can't easilly slide the tabs back flush with the side of the plug then a pin is not seated all the way in.

Step 6: Reassemble

Step 7: hook your power wire to a switched source.

Step 8: hook up the battery and turn on the ignition. I chose to stand outside the Jeep and reach UNDER the stering wheel to start the Jeep for hte first time. Make sure the air bag light in the guages goes off.

Step 9: go to the dealer and get them to confirm correct operation of the switch using their scan tool.

Wow. That was longer than I expected.

Any of it make sense? :bugeyes:

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:boobies: :bowing: Hey man thats great!!! So when ya going to make sure it works??? ;) Just kidding I just think everyone is pissed cuz ya beat us to it :)

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thanks for the info and super writeup.
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