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Parking light wiring for alarm.

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First off all thanks in advance. I always have great luck here without all the BS you may get elsewhere. Anyways, I have tried to search multiple forums, google and even ROF but I havent had any luck getting a definite answer for wiring my alarm to the parking lights. I found something for a 99 TJ but it is diffrent than ours. Anyways what wire to I need to tap into to get my parking lights to work with my alarm. It's just a single wire connection and honestly I have never had it hooked up but after installing my heater core over the weekend I decided to button up some minor but loose ends on the jeep and decided this would be one of them. Thanks again for any info.- Steve
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I want to say it is a gray wire with a black stripe that can be tapped at the base of the light controller stem thingy (Tech term). I will look it up tonight whan I get home. I tapped the same wire when installing a remote start to signal the engin was starting (Then I shorted the entire thing out with the last wire and could not use the unit, But it was not related to the gray wire with the black stripe........ I am 90% sure.........OK 63% sure .......... 45% of the time ........ or was it purple with a yellow stripe ....... no thats dumb .......... or .......... let me look it up).
post year and model and I can look up them up in the FSM.
O4 TJ Rubicon :D Thanks guys. I need to get a FSM....
For future refrence for mine it was a black wire with yellow stripe. Thanks again everyone.
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