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Painting Rock hard cage

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I am getting ready to paint my Rock Hard bolt in cage. Does anyone have any tips before I get started? Cleaning the metal, sanding, primer, etc. Thanks in advance.
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Thanks, I will take a look at it. I hate painting but want to try it myself. We will see how it goes.
I'm not a professional painter by any stretch of the imagination, but this is what has worked well for me.

1: Scotchbrite pad with mineral spirits to buff it up a bit and knock off any rust. (my parts have been new unpainted.)

2: Clean off any residue and grease with Simple Green and hot water. Wear latex or nitrile gloves to keep fingerprints and body oils off surface.

Make sure you have a place to hang everything before you start. A rockhard cage has lots of parts. I put a ton of yellow earplugs in the threaded holes.

3: Rustoleum clean metal primer.

4. Enamel paint. I use Ace Hardware brand because the can is a bit larger. I like their satin black finish although I used a hammerite finish for my cage.

I also removed and painted the main hoop to windshield side bars and with a lot of masking tape and painters plastic, the factory cage.

Good luck.
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If you have any questions on the write-ups or need to talk before you start let me know.
Elwarpo said:
If you have any questions on the write-ups or need to talk before you start let me know.
Ok thanks, I am most likely going to start this weekend. I will let you know.
Don't forget to wear a mask with filters. I did mine in my garage with the door open and ended up with lung problems for 4 months after.
I had mine powder coated. It looks great and has worn well.
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