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ORO steering System, COMPLETE!

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I have a used ORO steering kit for sale/trade. It consists of a Gen 3 drag link, new spindle brackets (about 2 months old), and also upgraded tie rod ends for the tie rod (larger, beefier) and also will include the spindles off my 05 Rubi.  The only thing not included is the steering stabilizer. Asking $300, but will consider all trades as well. I also have install directions and some misc paperwork.

The system will be off my Jeep next weekend. I can ship, at your expense. Feel free to PM me or call/txt me 9406311610.

upgraded tie rod ends on tie rod:

New brackets:
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Nice timing, I was just thinking about a new steering setup this morning!
Sent you a PM...
What TREs are those? They are a lot beefier than the ones from NAPA.
MTDIRK said:
What TREs are those? They are a lot beefier than the ones from NAPA.

Im not sure. I called ORO about TRE replacements and they recommended their new "upgraded" TRE's. The shank and stud are the same size but the body is a lot larger
that's a deal. Just 2 weeks too late for me. I paid full price for mine. I really like it so far. I run it with out the stabilizer. I have not had the chance to bounce it off many rocks yet, but seems to be strong enough to take some good hits.
Local sale pending.
Please let me know if it falls through! Thanks
If you don't sell it PM me I'm very interested.
What is the status of the pending sale?
Just waiting for the weather to clear up for a meeting. He is 3 hours away, but i received 4" of snow/ice early this week, and they just received the same two days ago. Were still talking, just mother nature isnt cooperating. :laugh:
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