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Original Mickey Thompson rims

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I am looking at a set of what appears to be a set of original Mickey thompson aluminum wheels. they are really clean and 15x10 5 on 4.5 backspacing. The guy is asking 350 OBO. I am thinking about offering 300 and call it a day. I want to drop down to a 15 in rim because the 33X1250r15's Good Year Wrangler Duratracs im looking at are about 500 dollars cheaper than the 285/75r16 so even with buying the rims i will still save 200 bucks off and next time will save even more.

Will have any problems with the 15X10 rims as far as turning or rubbing on anything?
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You said they have "5 on 4.5 backspacing...". I think your refering to the bolt pattern there. But if I am thinking right, those have a 3&5/8" backspacing. I ran 15x10 with a 3.25 back spacing no problems and I can't think of any reason you would run into any issues either. Those are a popular jeep wheel and many people run them.

With a 15" wheel though you are limited though with your brakes. So if you have a big brake kit or are going to get one, you will want to research your options there cause it could be an issue.
I did mean bolt pattern. I am typing/watching tv so not 100% paying attention to what im typing just letting my fingers to the work... Thanks. I have no intentions of going over 33's. I also have no reason to go to big brake kit anytime in the near future. I have a budget boost and will be getting a body lift soon.
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