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Ordered an Axle with brakes.

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where to get a brake controller reasonably priced?

any way, got a 3500 lb dexter w/ brakes... should be here in 10 days or so
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Beau Bo said:
I agree with above-I've bought TONS of stuff from these guys and the last Prodigy I bought, they were the cheapest I could find. The P2 is linked there it looks like but the standard version is what I have for my current trailer I'm working on. It's plenty for this and was under $100. They do a good job and have excellent customer service from my experiences.

Looking forward to your build!

Best of Luck,

x2 Prodigy :)
x3 on the prodigy from e-trailer

I use one in my TJ, but I don't leave it mounted there because it gets in the way where I put it. I only have it in there when I tow, which is very rare and only short distances. has been great to deal with in the past.
thanks guys.. looks like I have some shopping to do :D

your right mike, I need to take some pics & post them up.. :dhorse:
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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