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OPDA for 05-06 model

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A local guy is having problems with the OPDA in his '05 rubicon. I have a Dorman part number for the 03-04. Is there one for the 05-06 model (looking for options other than OEM)?

Thanks for the help.
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NO other option. A few companies have looked into making one but it is a patented part. So, same old ****** part replaces the original ****** part.
On back order here:

But this is the number. 53010624AC
You may want a gasket also. J3181288

And read this. It is very long but very informational:

I did the grease zerk deal on 2 Jeeps. Very simple.
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Bob posted a very useful thread from JF on this issue, but I would recommend the following as well. ... e-1144202/

They consolidated a lot of the info learned in the first thread. There are also several threads here on ROF that talk about this problem. It seems that all 05 and 06 4.0s will have this part fail. It is simply a matter of time.
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