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OME ZJ/LJ COMBO with 35's???

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I have a 04 Rubi with the ZJ/LJ combo and a 3/4 inch spacer in the front and a 1.75 spacer in the rear. I just put 35" Duratracs on it. Just curious from everyones experience if i will need to trim things or what will i typically need to do for the tires to clear and not rub.. I have factory flares and factory wheels with spydertrax spacers.. I also have hockey pucks for bumpstops in the front. Any input would be great. I will try to get pics up soon. New baby son, VERY busy lately
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Congrats on the new baby!!! Mine is turning 2 the day after Thanksgiving. She's my little princess and the sweetest little thing you've ever seen. Loves helping Daddy work on the Jeep. She's changed my entire life, way of thinking, habits, behaviors, etc. Never thought a woman would have so much effect on me-let alone one that's not even 2 years old yet! :laugh: They are SO much fun! Enjoy your new baby boy!!! Congrats!!!

Regarding the new treads, best advice I could give is just flex it out minus springs/shocks and see if you'll have clearance issues. If you do, bumpstop as necessary. Shocks will vary depending on brand and shock body length-be sure not to bottom them out early. If it's just flare rub, trim as necessary. You should have plenty of lift for them without too much hassle.

Best of luck,

I have almost the same size lift with the OME springs. The back should be fine, just extend the rear bump stops with another set of pucks. As for the front, I seems to catch the fender lip and flare. You may need to trim the fender a little.
I think all you need is a 1.25" JKS body lift, if you think you have the bumpstops set correctly.
i have the same lift minus the extra spacers. I'm also using flate flares with aftermarket wheels with i think 4" back spacing. I dont rub in the rear but i have bent my front fenders up pretty good. Since then i added a 2-3" bumpstops and that seemed to help. Tube fenders are next.......someday. I'd test it out then go from there bump stopping an inch at a time.
KaiserJeep said:
I think all you need is a 1.25" JKS body lift, if you think you have the bumpstops set correctly.

I forgot to mention i have the JKS BL.. :D
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