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I ran an OME lift on my last TJ and loved it. Sure, its not super tall and flexy with long arms, but it works for me. It still ramps a nice even 1000 on a 20 degree both front and back. Bottom line, most small lifts have more than enough flex on a TJ.

My main goal on the new Rubi is to run 35s with very little lift (2-3" suspension and a 1-1.25" BL) while retaining a low CG and still be able to ramp a 1000( 20 degree) with light tire rub.

The OME TJ light or heavy front springs just don't provide enough lift. On a stock TJ you only get about 2" of lift, and on a Rubi even less. So, has anyone tried running the XJ or ZJ OME front springs from OME on a TJ?

There is a listing for a heavy duty 3" lift front XJ spring and also a listing for a ZJ heavy duty front coil. The XJ and ZJ mostly share the same front suspension right?

Before anyone asks....I want to get away from running spacer as much as possible.

In the rear I am planning on running the OME heavy TJ coil with a 1" lift built into the new lower coil brackets for the rear axle ( Currie brackets, for a cut and trun of the rear end to help with TB gastank problems and lower and upper arm geometry ) This should give me about 3" of lift on a light rear end jeep. I am going to be running the soft top, light rear bumper and narrow trail spare.

Thank you for your input...
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