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Just bought the CEN-TECH Scanner model 98614 since I had check engine lights on my Jeep, Rodeo, and GFs Honda. This thing is sweet now I just have to figure out how to use all the different functions. Jeep had P0573-brake switch A circuit high and P0501-vehicle speed sensor a range / performance. I think it's related to my Tru-speed my speedo was bouncing on and off and when I wiggled the box it would briefly come back on. I didn't install it so hoping its just a bad wire connection. I have had the speed sensor replaced twice under warranty so I doubt its the sensor but maybe. I am going to redo Tru-speed connections then reset codes and see if that will save me a trip to the dealer.

Harbor Freight has these on sale for the rest of the month and they are passing out 25% off coupons for a single item on new years day. Wish I would have waited a few more days but might be a good time to get that sand blaster I have been eyeing.
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