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Northridge= top notch customer service

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I just wanted to share my recent experience with Dave at Northridge. I am shopping for axle shafts Saturday morning and call his store. Obviously he was closed and I figured this out quickly. Well Dave called me back to check on me and we discussed my part needs. I called him back First thing Monday morning to place my order and I was still in shock at the service from him. He never once tried to upsale me and even discussed some repair tech tips. In the world of Jeeps and the parts we use I know the big box stores ( we all know who they are. ) never would even return a call to check on you or spend a little time on the phone to make sure your completely satisfied with what your ordering and getting what you need. I have ordered from Dave before but must admit he really raised my eye to his service. Even thought i didn't spend thousands with him like I have at other stores he still took care of me. Just wanted to say thank you Dave and Give a bump to a great vendor.
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I love dealing with David since he knows, trusts and stands behind what he sells.
gregert12 said:

I love dealing with David since he knows, trusts and stands behind what he sells.


Sometimes I've called and got his voicemail, then call waiting tells me I have an incoming call - it's David calling me back while I am leaving a message!!.... can't ask for much more than that for service. :D :D

Just yesterday I left him a vm and by the time I hung up the phone was ringing.
i've actually had him talk me into a cheaper option on parts because it was better than the more expensive option i was thinking. i needed some replacement parts recently and i chose to order from him after he told me what i needed rather than look for something local....he's just to good of a guy and i like to throw business at him whenever possible.
Yeah he called me back and I was like what the heck. But after that shock I was overwhelmed with him on this order. I used Dave for an order years ago when I purchased my swaylock system and that experience was great then. After all the years he still has the same attitude and drive for the jeeping world. I just wish I was closer so I could use his shop.
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