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PIWcorp and Exact Center Tony need test units to make brackets for TJ, JK and CJ models of Jeep
If you have a Jeep in good mechanical condition Exact Center can make it steer and handle like a new sporty SUV.
If you have a TJ in good mechanical condition that still has Death Wobble even though you have done all the front end
replacements, we may be able to help.
We invented the Exact Center Stabilizer being sold by Roadmasterinc, however to get what you need for a TJ, JK, CJ, or a modified JL you need to contact [email protected] at email or phone at 1-989-448-2501 8-4 EST
If you are a Michigan ROF member we need you.
For stock JLs and RVs contact RM or Tony, with Tony you will get more personal service.
Roadmaster ad Roadmaster Inc. - Tow Bars, Braking Systems & RV Accessories
Tony For info on EC contact [email protected] or call 8-4 EST 1-989-448-2501 Tony.
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