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The next-generation Jeep Wrangler redesign won’t be too radical.

A dealer who was shown the new Wrangler at a recent conference in Las Vegas told Automotive News that the new Wrangler “stays pretty true to its current form.” The gathering of dealers was also shown a new Grand Wagoneer luxury SUV that is capable of seating eight.

New aluminum body parts are slated to be used when the new Wrangler arrives to help it save weight, but it should keep its body-on-frame construction along with its solid axles.

Another dealer who attended the meeting revealed that FCA says the new Wrangler will be capable of 30 mpg. That is likely due to the addition of a diesel engine, which has been an option on the European Wrangler for a long time. There is also a rumor that a small turbocharged engine is set to join the lineup, another engine that would improved the Wrangler’s fuel economy.

The new Wrangler is expected to be a 2018 model.

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