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looking at purchasing a 2011 model and really like the Rubicon and Sahara models. What are the real differences between the two? What would i be sacraficing by purchasing one over the other? i want to hear from you guys that have the experience and possibly have owned both. Based off of the jeep and other comparison sites, they seem very similar, what are the real differences?
Thanks in advance for your response....
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First all, do you plan on taking the Jeep offroad? The main difference between the two, well is many. The Rubicon is the "off roader package". It includes lockers, sway bar disconnects, dana 44 axles, a 4:1 transfer case, 32 inch mud terrain tires, among other things. The Sahara is the more "street version". It has body colored fender flares, optional color matched hard top, etc. It really depends on what you plan on doing with the Jeep. Price wise depending on how you option them they can be around the same price. So really what you depend on doing with it will help you decide which model. Im sure more will chime in on this....
Many Sahara owners after seeing a Rubi on the trail say "I wish I would have gotten the Rubi." I've never heard a Rubi owner say "I wish I would have gotten the Sahara."

The lockers and 4:1 transfer case can make a big difference off-road.
If you want your rubi to look like a saraha, just color-match the fenders...

Now you have a Sahara look with the rubi parts that matter for offorading (and on resale too).
x2 Kidmugg

Even if you sell a fender flare from a Rubicon, you can easily get more on Craigslist and ebay compared to the same exact Sahara part.
TopDawg said:

A friend bought a Sahara JK-U in the fall of 08. About 2 months ago he traded in with a smoking deal on a 2010 JK-U Rubi. :D
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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