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New starter disengaging too quickly

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Just put in a new NAPA starter as the factory OE was about dead (drawing high amps and barely turning engine over). The new one clearly spins better and starts the jeep quicker, but after about a week of use it has started disengaging just before the engine starts, producing a loud grind as the teeth fail to mesh properly with the flywheel.

From reviewing the FSM, sounds like it may be defective and I need to swap it out...just wondering if there was anything else I should check first?

FSM diagnostic page:
Starter engages, spins
out before engine starts.

\Possible Causes:
1. Starter ring gear faulty. 1. Refer to Starter Motor. Remove starter motor to inspect
starter ring gear. Replace faulty starter ring gear as
2. Refer to Starter Motor. Replace faulty starter motor as

Any other suggestions?
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Yep, starter is bad.
Thanks man, that's what I thought. Glad I can get at it without droppin the engine skid! Wrenchin in the driveway in the winter sucks.
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