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Hi everyone. Title says it all.

The newest member of our Jeep family, a 2003 Flame Red Rubicon, will join our other two Jeep WJ's next Monday or Tuesday.

After driving a CJ and YJ on our last trip to Moab in June, my wife has decided that she wants to be a driver not a passanger. The Rubicon was a no brainer choice, since she insisted that her rig be able to keep up with my highly modified WJ.

I have been reading as many of the posts on the forum as I can to get up to speed on the mods for the Rubi. A whole different ball game than modifing the WJ. I must say that this forum is way better than JU. Seems to be a great group.

So-o-o-o, after absorbing what seems to be a ton of information from all the posts, here is what I am shooting for over the next 6-8 weeks before we head down to Moab at the end of October.

Lift - RE 4.5" Extreame Duty Long Arm Kit
Driveline - Tom Wood's Rubicon CV
Spacer/Adapter - Spidertrax WHS-002 1.25" Spacer for the Moab Wheels
Tires - 305/70R16 MTR's (33's)
Front Bumper - Hanson with grill & fender guards or SMF
Rear Bumper - Hanson or SMF with tire carrier
Winch - Warn 9.5ti
Skid Plates - ????
Rock Sliderz - Jeepeman, Olympic 4X4, Hanson, ????
Fender Flares - Bushwacker Pocket Style

I am strongly leaning toward the RE since it appears the engineering is better than the Skyjacker system. Mainly because of the upper control arms from what RE has told me as well as others. Also, since the RE LA systems are all the same except for the coils, (and shocks), it leaves me the flexibility to go higher. I am holding off on the ORO AiRock system till it has had more time to prove itself. And if I do want to go to 35's, I can do that with just a 2" body lift.

I do have some reservations about the spacer/adapter, but I would really like to keep the stock wheels. It is a little unnerving to have people say that wheels could fall off. But, of course, Spidetrax says that won't happen if they are correctly installed. ??????

I really am trying to get this mod program right the first time. I spent a whole lot of money on the WJ's mods that went on and then came off as the darkside grabbed me. Am hoping to avoid the same thing with our Rubi.

Any comments, suggestions, or other help would be greatly appreciated.

If you want to see the WJ's almost completed mods, click on the link in my signature. Almost completed because the Atlas II TC goes in after Labor Day.

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