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New elect problem. Help fast please, I am under her now

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Yesterday my check gauges light came on and all of my guages were in the "OK" zone. I thought it may have been a loose batt coming in contatc with the body because my stereo reset and so did my trip odomiter. I pulled over and wedged a wrapped up tow strap between the body and batt (This happened to my friends jeep) until I could get to some tools. The batt was loose when I got home so I tightned it down. Today I went to start it and nothing. I jiggled the key a bit and nothing, I puled the trany into drive and back to park and it started like noting was wrong. It ran fine to work. After work I had the same thing, turned the key and the dash looked like the batt was dead, everything dimed and it did not try to start. I messed with the batt cables and played with the tranny, nothing. I sat for a moment thinkling that I did not want to walk home and tried it again, started right up like it had full juice from the batt, but I had to give it some gas to keep it running for a moment until it settled down. Drove home fine. OK, any ideas? loose ground? bad started wire. The dimming of the dash when it does not turn over makes me think something is grounding out. Help please. I am going to eat dinner and then get to it under the jeep, please point me at the possible starting point. OH ya, 04 rubi auto with 94k
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Manual or auto tranny. The auto can only be started in park so it may not be sensing the tranny is in park, the manual can only be started with the clutch down, so that sensor may be bad. The lights dimming is confusing and makes me think a sensor may be shorting. Any codes when you check?
start with all the connections, check & clean your grounds. replace your battery... welcome to my world with electrical problems... viewtopic.php?f=47&t=71155
my vote is the battery, jeeps do funny things when the battery goes dead. my battery went dead without warning, made my guages go wild.
and with a loose ground the battery may not have charged fully. I have seen some crazy things with batteries, I had one tell me it was holding a full charge, but would die the minute you hit the key. It had one dead cell in it.

Good luck
Must have been a loose ground. I pulled the batt and cleaned the terms and cables, cranked them down and she is fine today. Just another small fix. Seems to be happening a lot lately. I read in another thread that this never happens in H2s and they are better than Rubis for offroad. Huh?
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