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NEW Bestop HighRock Element Doors & Storage Bags - $300

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I've got a gift certificate for a set of Highrock 4x4 Element Doors with removable Storage Bags. These are 1 1/4" tube doors made for CJ, YJ, TJ, or JK (you pick) and can be run with the storage bags on the outside, inside, or completely removed.

These retail for $395. I'm looking for $300 for the certificate which is good through 12/31/10.

Here are some pictures of what they look like:
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would you be interestd in trading for a gift certificate for bestop header and bikini? Good for any model, also expires on 12/31/10..
Nope, I've got 2 spare headers and 1 spare bikini already sitting in the garage....
I feal the pain. Just trying to trade for something useful myself. quess I should post it like you did.
PM sent
Last bump before I turn the certificate in to have the doors shipped to me....
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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