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Okay. So you've got a JK. And you want to lift it.

But how tall?

Your buddy's got a 3.5" Game Changer lift on 37's right. But man, that just ain't your style.

No. You want bigger.

Your other buddy has a 4.5" Game Changer lift on 38's. But man, that just isn't quite right either.

You want bigger.

So now you're thinking you're gonna have to go Long-Arm. 5.5" Lift. 40" Tires.


But a long arm? Do you really want to hack up the rig? Cut off the stock brackets? Permanently change the Jeep?

Maybe not.... :confused:

Your buddies have Game-Changers, and you want that same ride quality and off road capability too.

And now you can. :2thumbsup:

Introducing the 5.5" Bolt-On Game Changer Suspension from Metalcloak.

All the vibration dampening, road handling capabilities that have made the Game Changer suspensions system a favorite among JK owners --- in a bolt-on 5.5" configuration.

How do we do it?

Using front and rear Control Arm drop brackets. The front is handled by our Pro'lignment Bracket that is found on our Overland Kits.

The rear is handled by our new, Patent Pending, DB3 Control Arm Correction Bracket.

A simple, bolt-on kit, that give you all the flex and award winning benefits of the Game-Changer system, without any of the typical drawbacks of a Long Arm on a JK Wrangler.

Learn more at


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Are the drop brackets bolt on, weld on or both? Thickness of the bracket steel? I was running a trail in Moab last fall (Golden Spike I think) and a buddy with a JK had a front lower "correction bracket" rip almost completely off the frame going up a two step ledge. Luckily I noticed it and called him on the radio before it turned into a dangler.

I have no idea who's bracket that was, fairly certain it wasn't yours though.

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Good idea for street only but IMO not for trail use.
Either cut and turn the C's or get new axles.
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