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Need tire suggestions

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I know this is like starting a which oil is best thread, but I'm in need of new tires so I need some help.

When I bought the Rubi it had Goodyear MTRs in the stock size and I got 60k mile out of them (bald though) and I replaced them with the same thing but after 30k miles and 1 rotation @3k miles (I know I know I'm lazy, but they were already messed up so I said screw it ) they are pretty well cupped and scalloped so I need to get new ones.

I'm running a 2" BB and was thinking of going up to a 33", knowing it'd be a tight sgueeze I think it should be ok.

Now I don't wheel a ton and when I do it is usually just some mild trails and a little bit of mud. But I'm talking maybe 5 times a year tops.

I know I don't want the MTRs again as they go tits up to quick and am thinking of either the newish BFG mud tire or the all terrain tire.

Price is a little bit of a concern so if you know cheaper options out there I'd like your suggestions please, I definitely need 5 tires and am thinking a 265/75/16 and want to stay well below $1k if I can.

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I have the BFG MT in the 255x85x16 size, (33.6 x 10 x 16) they are great for DD/WEW. I have 3" and a 1.25BL, but with the winch the springs sit at 2". They are great in deep snow and everything else, to be honest if you only wheel a few times a year, get the Nitto Terra Graplers, I had 265/75/16s for a while and I loved those tires. I only sold them because I wanted to go to 33s. The Terra graplers are a much better street ride and do very well off road for an AT. I only had to get a pull once and that was going up a very muddy hill that had a foot of standing water at the base, a few other jeeps with MTs did not make it either. In the snow and ice they are magic, I may go back to them when the 33s are done. I picked mine up for $700 mounted.
If you don't need three ply sidewall and from what I've read it sounds like you don't, bad reviews are few and far between on these ... roduct=714
Take a look at these from TreadWright Tires.
Can't really beat any of these for the price.

TreadWright Gaurd Dog 285/75R16
Or these Warden A/T 285/75R16
And if you go with the "D" rating instead of the "E" its even a cheaper deal.
Either one of these will be my next set as soon as budget allows.
I am currently running Goodyear DuraTracs 235/85R16's and love them. The 235/85's are 32" and will be an E rated tire and should fit your 2"BB perfectly. Even though they are still the same rated tire as the MTR's, the ride quality is much different and MUCH better. They ride very Smooth and Quiet.

They track down the road straight and do not wander. They work very well on wet roads and fit my Rubi with only a 1.25" BL / 1"MML on it. I had slight rubbing at full turn on the stock Rims but adding a washer to the steering stops solved that problem.

They are snow rated and supposed to be very good with winter driving. Will see how they do and comment on that this winter.

Check them out.
I have not run this tire, but a couple folks in my local club have, they seemed to like the performance for the price. It would be the cooper STT.

I think folks have reviewed them on here in the past as well, might be worth a search.
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