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Need refernce material

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Hello, I'm in need of a service manual that covers the powertrain and other components of a 2006 TJ Rubicon. I've been having codes pop up on me and decided to invest in a code reader. I bought one from Snap-on and it does a lot. It tells me real time data and what the O2 sensors are putting out. What I need to know is what is beening displayed is within perameters or needs attention. If somebody could lead me in the way of this I would be greatful, and able to get my rig back on the trail. I have called the local dealership and was told they would be happy to diagnosis the problem but will not give information out. Thanks for the help.
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Thanks for the link. I still could not find the information I need. What I am looking for is when I connect my reader, the live info it shows while the engine is running is good or not.
pm "Doctor D" he should be able to lead you in the right direction.

The service manuals tell you the highs and lows but it can be tricky to apply these to the running vehicle. If you just went by the parameters you would probably replace alot of parts, experience shows how the sensors run.
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