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Need new shocks Help..

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I am looking to replace my shocks. I have a 2004 Rubicon with a 4" or 4.5" short arm suspension lift Not quite sure as I bought this Rubi used. I need advice on what shocks to buy? Mostly driven back and fourth to work with trail rideing on the weekends. I am also running 33.5 12.50x15 BFG A/T tires. Any suggestions? I am looking fopr a decent middle of the road shock. Thanks in advance.
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I would keep with a hydraulic shock since the factory came with the same style so I really love my Bilstein 5100 shocks. :)
Really like my Skyjacker Hydros (not the Nitros--To stiff for a TJ)
procomp 9000s I have had them on my jeep for 5 years and no problems. Great price on them too.
I just put on the 5150 bilstines and like them.
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