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Need Help with an electrical drain

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Finally getting around to tackling a drain that kills my battery if I don't drive my 2004 Rubi for more than four days. I'm not gifted with electronics but here's what I've done and where I'm stuck.

- Disconnected negative cable from battery.
- Connected a test light between negative cable and negative terminal on battery which gave me a bright light.
- Started pulling fuses from the the power distribution box until no light.
- When fuse #26 labeled Accessory #2 is removed no more light. (well kind of, if I wait for a few seconds, then reconnect test light, the light goes on dimly for about a second then stops.)

I thought fuse #26 controlled the interior lights and mirror. Nothing stays on and all works well.

What am I missing?

By the way, I have disconnected all accessories I added to rule them out. I just replaced my yellow top because the last one drained one too many times. Also have a new alternator but the problem was there prior to replacing it.

I'm not sure what's worse at this point. The drain or replacing the header gasket which I'm also in the middle of doing. Really,who designed a part with bolts that difficult to reach!
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Do you have an underhood light? If so, is it turning off?

Also, that fuse powers the locker switch. Have you modified that in any way?
Thanks Skinny Pedal.

The under hood light is unplugged but the locker bypass mod is still in place. Could the bypass mod be causing the short?
If something got bypassed wrong it may. Did you just ground the locker switch to bypass or are you running saftey switches?
I'm running military style safety switches to bypass the lockers. It's been a few years since I installed them but I seem to remember it being somewhat foolproof from the write up.

I'll have to disconnect the switches and retest for a drain with the test light to rule them out.
I was just looking at the wiring schematic and started thinking about possibilities. I'll post it up tomorrow and maybe you could, one by one, eliminate things that fuse powers.
Thanks again! If you have the wiring diagram it would be a big help.
Found the culprit! One of the components in my remote starter had shorted. Removed the system and all is electronically good now.
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