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Need advice on a new project.

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Hello all,

I very recently sold my 05 Rubi to make way for some new toys, hopefully a JK unlimited sooner than later for the wife and a 97 TJ for me(getting old-school). The advice I need is on the TJ, I am planning a cummins swap into it. I sold the 05 because it was too nice for what I do, which is heavy construction (Site work, Demo, Rigging, Clearing, pretty much anything no one else wants to do). Anyway back on topic, I have always wanted to build an oil burner and just couldn't cut into a new 05, and now have a 97 4.0 auto that makes the perfect project vehicle. My question is I know the motor a 4bt, I am trying to figure out what trans? I like auto's for work and play and never had a problem with the 05's auto, but am just not sure if it would hold up to the diesel's torque, while plowing and towing. Any insight would be greatly appreciated. Oh and I am usually on every 2 - 3 days, I am a workaholic and just don't get enough time to wander the net.

Thanks in advance.
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You'll have to decide if you prefer the manual or auto, then it will be easier to help.
Go to pirate 4x4 and search jeep hardcore. There are a few under ultimate jeep builds.
I think I am settled on an auto, since it's just easier to plow with one. I am going to be running 35's and 4.10 gears, so I probably would want overdrive. Thanks for the help.
be sure to post plenty of pics, of eng trans and wiring, cause I have this same idea for when my power plant gives up.

great idea and good luck with the swap.
I am going to try and document as much as possible, I'll keep you posted. Thanks for the help.
I local around here has a 6bt in a yj. It took many hours of taking it in and out. But dam that thing is a beast compared to a another local 4bt.

Here's the link to the 4bt build. This thing was awesome until it got totaled. ... hlight=6bt
I would check out and lots of info. I myself bought a frito lay truck with 54k miles to use as a donor, but my heart wasn't in the project so I sold it. If you haven't been to that site, definitely check it out as it will provide you with all the info you want on swapping x with x. Good luck with the project!
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