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Need a quick answer

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I'm lookin for a set of windows for my soft top and found a set from an 00. I need to know if they will work in my 03. I'm pretty sure the material is different which is fine as this'll only be temporary I just need to Mack sure they'll zip in.

Thanks in advance
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They'll work fine. I have a set from a '98 that I run on the trail.
Double check to make sure they'll work, there was a zipper change somewhere along the line, and I don't remember when it was. I want to say 02-03 was the crossover.
The zipper change is what I was thinking about, kind of think it was on the rear only though. I have no clue
Sorry - I misread your post. I thought you were referring to door uppers. I'd check as suggested by JeepnBlake.
Thanks again guys, I picked up the windows last night and thought all was good. Nope.

Turns out that there was a zipper change from 02-03, nice call JeepnBlake.

Luckily I'm quite good at making things work. So what I did was removed the end of the zipper which made it essentially just like the newer windows, and with a little struggle, it zipped into place. It's definitely a different material, much lighter than the 03, but it'll work until i can get a new top.

Thanks again guys.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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