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need a custom coil spring manufacture

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06 Unlimited Rubicon, 6 speed. I have AEV 3" springs with rear ACOS and Bilistien 5100's. The jeep has the hard top on with a roof top tent, awning, custom storage system, Rock hard Tire carrier with everything and a genright safari tank with Rokmen corner guards and sliders. I know this pig is heavy and I have tried Ride Right air helper springs but after spending a week in Death valley the air lines wouldn't hold up, and yes I covered the Air lines with looming. So I need a stiffer spring rate. Does any body know a from the factory weight of the 06 unlimited Rubicon with a hard top and 6 speed? I figure if I get the additional weight added up it will help with getting custom coils made. Side note; I have been popping around the idea of a rear leaf spring conversion but already have a solid rockmen suspension with re-enforced control arm bracketing!

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I think Airock might be a better solution.

LJ Curb Weight: 3,977lbs

Hardtop weight is 140lbs for a TJ
Do you know what you weigh now by chance? My rig has been very heavy for a while. I wore out the OME HD/LJ setup early on and have been running the AEV/Nth 3" progressives for some time now. Been very happy with the AEV springs overall. I honestly don't remember base weight of the LJ Rubi. Mine is the '05 LJ Rubi 6 speed and with ARB bullbar/winch up front, Rokmen sliders and full strykers, Jeeperman rear swingout, Medic TT/Engine skid, cage addition, home-built Co2 carrier, fuel can carrier and a bunch of other stuff, I weighed easily over 5000 empty. I'd guess you're similar by the sounds of things. I'm currently about 4960 after swapping to the Savvy front bumper and gas skid, and about to lose a bunch more.

Some things I've done to help compensate for the weight and yield a better ride was add the swayloc to the front with rear anti-rock in the back, and Rancho 9000 adjustable shocks. The shocks made a BIG difference being able to handle the load. Anti-rocks were a HUGE blessing as well off-road balancing things out better all around.

As far as having new coils made-YES, there is a source who will do this. They'll need your current and intended rig weights, front, rear, corners, etc and intended loads. I actually looked into this pretty heavily before going with the AEV springs myself, but now, for the life of me cannot remember WHO I was working with. Pricing wasn't to bad considering but was more than any springs currently on the market. I'll dig around a bit and see if I can find something more about having new coils made. That was some time ago and I honestly don't remember who it was. Sorry about that. I'm working the other way now-lightening things up to offset the difference. I'm honestly surprised at how well the AEV springs have held up with what I do, and towing trailers all the time. Are you dropping height more than you like or just not handling great? Anti-rocks and good shocks will help if it's just not handling well or too much body roll. I'll see what I can find.

Best of Luck,

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Thanks for the Ideas. I had thought about antirock but I don't want the chance of airbag failures when I go to South America. I do have the oro front sway-loc. I am pretty sold on new custom coils. I have not weighed the jeep yet but will be soon. The ride was tremendously improved when I did have the ride right air bags in though. The jeep flat out needs to be able to carry the weight. Still listening to other ideas. I am happy with the ride support off road, that is for the most part, the rear still bottoms out off road alot!
Coilovers on the rear would allow maximum spring choice.
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