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Mystery wire added - what could be in this bundle?

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Been meaning to take a picture of this white wire that was added by either the previous owner, or a shop/garage/dealer. The wire enters the inside wire bundle under the hood (see the picture) and drops down the firewall and goes somewhere. Since it is behind the engine somewhere, it is very difficult to see where the wire goes.

At first I thought maybe it was for an odo correction box, but the speedometer was way off when I bought the Rubi. Now I'm thinking it might have been a wire added to fix a problem in the wire harness, but that's pure conjecture.

Any guesses what it could be for? I think I need to get dirty and try to run down the other end - this really bugs me.


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Could be anyone's guess. Doesn't look oe.

Good luck, I don't like electric gremlins.
is it possible it goes to an alarm or kill switch?
Elwarpo said:
is it possible it goes to an alarm or kill switch?
Hmm.. that could be possible. If it has an alarm or kill switch I haven't discovered it yet, nor did the dealer mention same. I looked at the wire this morning and it appears to head way down towards the tranny area. I'll crawl under the Rubi this afternoon - maybe I can spot it underneath - I'll report back. Thanks everybody!
I'll join the guessing game. Have you tried removing the tape around the connector to see if they cut the original wire or just tapped into it. If they cut it and one end of the wire is just hanging there, I'll go with your guess about the bad wire in the bundle.
Check and see what colors are on the cut wire and maybe someone with a FSM can disipher it.
Mystery solved

The mystery is solved - the wire is a kludge repair (see pix) that goes to a connector above the tranny oil pan (I think it's the tranny - kind of hard to see the big picture down there.)

The 'mechanic/tech' that ran the wire didn't bother to secure it anywhere, it's just loose in the breeze :eek: - that's added to my to-do list.

Thanks for the help everybody!


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Not sure where it plugs into, but that could be a speedo correction and the PO removed the box before he sold it. Check what wire it's spliced into up at the firewall and the FSM should help you narrow it down.
Hi and thanks for a possible idea. The wire goes from connector to connector and if there was a break in it for some kind of a 'box' I didn't see same. Since I have seen both ends, I'm more okay with the situation.
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