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My Rubicons new face lift

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made it over to a buddies place yesterday to give the Rubicon a much needed face lift. We added a Hoop/stinger combo & removed the corners of the front bumper. Again anyone that hasn't seen CowboyJosh's fab work is missing out. I was there for 4 hours & picked up all kinds of tid-bit info to help with fabricating & such. I REALLY like the new look & want to thank Josh 1 more time.

Here is the before...........

& the After................

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Nice work. Are you gonna tie the hoop to the fenders? Looks great!
I dig the stinger, but I would put flange plates on the grill hoop in case you needed to pull the front bumper.

How the heck did you bend that rocker like that? Must've come down on something hard.
mushroomax said:
Looks mean, I'm scared.
Looks good. I like the way you cropped the ends off the bumper. That is what I am going to do to mine.

Max, I am bringing a stinger down from Montana...wanna put it on your RUBICOOOOONNNNN?
I don't have it anymore. Some guy was talking on here about Hummers being better so I sold my Rubiclunker for an H3 :LILRDJP:
Did you purchase the tubes pre-cut and bent or did your friend fab them up? If you bought them, where at?
^x2 That bumper looks awesome! Would the fabricator be interested in making another?
I like it...I tied my hoop to the top of the shock mount but made it removeable in case I need to pull the bumper


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Here is a better look of how it is connected


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Thanks for the compliments everyone :) Basically all we did to build it was cut the sides off the warn bumper & bend some DOM tubing. It did turn out better than expected.

As for the rocker, I was on the losing end of a tree stump for about 10 attempts... :lildevil:
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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