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MORE Rear Bumper and Tire Carrier

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Is anyone running the MORE rear bumper and tire carrier? Is the tire carrier portion rattle free? Any known issues? ... r_ONLY.htm

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I kind of like that bumper! I guess the only thing about it that I question or concerns me is that the tire carrier swing also mounts to the tailgate so that when you open the tailgate, the tire carrier swings with it. Makes it nice in a way and simplified. I just wonder about the strength of the OEM lock and how the tailgate & carrier pivot together.

Nice find, dont think I have seen that one before! Bet that sucker is HEAVY! Most are though.
Yeah I'd deff wanna take a look at that hinge. Because the body moves differently than the frame at times. I ordered the LOD signature and it should be here in a week or so.
PSC used to have the same one. Don_TLR ran it. Dennis at Xtreme Rubicons ran it on his shop rig. All reports I've heard is that it's well made. I almost went with this one when I chose the Hanson. (I brain-farted in not identifying it in the other thread... doh!).
I'm wondering if it would be possible to mount a pull pal back there as well or in place of the hi-lift? Maybe hi-lift and shovel?
Wow, resurrecting your own thread! You may want to call the company with those questions. Are you still thinking, two years later, of getting this bumper?
Yeah, still thinking. Other things took priority. Now I'm back to wanting a bumper. It is really down to the Hanson w/o carrier or MORE with the carrier.
So you don't need a carrier?
Not really. I really like the MORE "A"style and that it opens with the tailgate and will hold my hi-lift. I don't like the boxy look of Hanson's carrier.

I only run 255s. So wieight is really not an issue.
You can get the MORE without the carrier too.
Beowulf, have you looked at the Tomken line? I've had theirs since Nov. of '08, have had ZERO problems with it and it's been rattle free.
Not bad, but not the style I was looking for.
Beowulf, back in the day it was a toss up between Hanson and MORE too. I went with Hanson because they modified a rear winch location in the bumper for me. I put my spare in the tub. I also thought I could get an OR Fab body mount carrier if I ever wanted it.

Of course now I went in another direction entirely to tuck that fat tail end of the LJ. But I liked the Hanson styling a lot.
I had called Hanson asking if they'd do a winch bumper like you had and they declined. Eitther way, I agree that Hanson is a great looking bumper. I really want a place to mount the high lift and attacha shovel or axe as well. I thinking the MORE might fit the bill.
How does the More latch? Does it solely depend on the tailgate latch/lock?
Yes, the MORE only uses the OEM tailgate latch.
Beowulf said:
Yes, the MORE only uses the OEM tailgate latch.
See I like the looks of that bumper as well. But for me, the latch is my only concern especially in a crash scenario or a hard hit & I don't understand how they allow for the two (tailgate & tire carrier) to move independently. Cause as you open them, they swing at a different arch.
The MORE and the AEV both use a very similar hemi jointed arm that allows the carrier to separate away from the tailgate as it opens.
Beowulf... Hmmm, I can't believe they turned you down. Maybe you need an insider to sweeten the deal. I pay $50 for the upgrade when I had mine done. Xtreme Unlimited talked to them about it and they had no problem doing it. In fact, you could do it yourself. Cut the fairlead hole and drill two bolts in the top. Use smaller RTV winch with an RTV winch fairlead. Put in place upside down. Bolt. Done. I'd get the heavy-duty tie-ins to attach the bumper.

I'm sure a local metal fabrication shop can do that very easily for you... If that's what you want.
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