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mild vibs

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Well, I received a new TW about 4 months ago when my old TW blew up at the cv joint. I had no vibes at all after that.

Well recently I have noticed that I can feel a mild vibe through the whole rpm band/mph band both in the pedals under the pedals and under my butt. My friend said that the slip shaft on the front and rear ds had some good play in them which I confirmed. Could this be causing the vibs. Also, have some pretty bad bumpsteer as well.
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I think it is time to sell the rig. :lildevil:

Does the bumpsteer happen at the same time the floor board vibration starts? How much play are we talking about on the front and rear driveshaft slips?
ha ha. no way could I sell it. I was thinking maybe ball joints, bad steering linkeage, or worning out box.

I can maybe push up at the slip shaft's by maybe one or two finger nail tips length.
4 months and you've already worn the splines out on a new shaft? something is not happy with life if that's happening lol.
I know I am under the same understanding lol. The angles on the DS are great. There is no play in the pinion on axle side and the yolk on the t-case feels fine. I don't drive it hard, its been only on the street since the new DS and probably only 1500 miles since then too.
You'd have to wheel it to hurt the splines!!!!! :D

Call me tomorrow and we'll see if we can figure it out.
Ok sounds good. I well give ya a ring. If not, maybe a trip out there might help lol
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