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Mickey Thompson MTZ winter traction?

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Who is running them and how do they work in the snow and ice?
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I don't have them. But I have a couple friends who do and they really like them in snow.
Snow, mud, desert, rocks...whatever I've thrown at 'em they've taken. The big plus is they are so quiet! Now ice, unless you are running an ice tire, you will slide, I don't care what brand you have. The extra siping does help on the MTZ's though.
Not so great on ice. Is there really any offroad/mud tire that is good on ice though? Even hard packed snow on the interstate requires serious caution. I'm talking about the stuff on the road after they plow it. They work pretty well in the snow up to about 20k miles. After that the snow performance drops off.
They chunk really bad in loose rock. **EDIT** Lots of Shale around here.

Have a couple of friends running them on mall crawlers....good tires.
Never had any problems with mine. I ran them down till they were smooth. Only problem I had with them chunking was on thier last trip in moab when I was running pritchett, the outer lugs were trying to go up an under cut and at 7 psi and about 3500 rpm, they dont last to long.

For snow driving, I'd recomend them.
I'm from Minnesota and have about 40,000 miles on them. I'm very satisfied with snow. The first time I took them offroad up north minnesota (foot plus of snow) I was stunned. Ice is a different story, but honestly I don't think much of any mud tire will do well on ice. Now that they have 40xxx on them they aren't amazing in snow. They are fine, but you have to be realistic.

Given the choice again, I would buy the exact same tire.

I had them in 315x75x16 and never had any issues with traction on anything, and they wear like steel. Great tire
one of the guys i wheel with has them. he seems to like them. they seem to perform well on the rocks. I didn't notice any chunking issues Red Dog illuded to, but i also have inspected them all that close either.

based off of hte last snow run we went on, they work VERY well. I thought that my Swamper TLSs with their large voids would let me "scoop/move" alot of snow.....not so much. That, or nis MTZ just plain kicked my arese all over the place. i got stuk a few times. Guess who was pulling me out...Mr MTZ :rotflmao:
I have a set of 305/75/16 MTZ and really like them in the snow.
I love these tires. I was waiting for winter just to try them out int he snow. They are obviously not a Blizzack, but they get me where I am going. Work better at -27 than they do at +3, but I didn't find anything they couldn't handle yet. I suspect because they are about twelve inches wide, they will be a bit more work to get through deep snow. On my 2003 Rubicon I am running 20 psi to get good contact across the whole tread. I air down to ten psi for serious off road, but have not aired down on the snow yet.

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