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Lost my low beams!...Anyone up for this one??

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My brights come on, turn signals work, I have tail lights, brake lights and my driving lights work as well....NO LOW BEAMS! Is this the $194.00 steering column switch!? What are the odds that I blew out both low beams??...Anyone?
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I would check the bulbs first since they are dual filiment
I took the Headlights out and applied 12 volts to the terminals and sure enough only one set of filiments worked on each headlight. The high beams. Cool! Thanks for reinforcing me to check that. I'm 44 years old and have never seen both headlights go out at the same time. I might have been running in town with one and didn't know it until the other one went out. Who knows! Thanks for responding.
I have seen it happen before, rare but it does happen.
I'm just glad i didn't spend $194.00 for a new switch assembly! OllllO
Every time I have had to replace the low beam, the other went out within a day or at most a week. They are amazingly syncronized it seems. But yah it is a bit odd that both would go out exactly at the same time. Sometimes you don't notice one going out but I'm sure you'll notice both having gone out very quickly :)
rubicrawler said:
I'm just glad i didn't spend $194.00 for a new switch assembly! OllllO
$52.00 @ Auto Zone
Good to know thanks!!
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