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Looking for wiring diagram for tapping into tail lights

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I'm right in the middle of getting the Rubi ready to flat tow behind our motorhome. The tow bar base plates are installed, now I need to get the lights wired up (I'm using a diode kit.) I can make the connection back at the tail lights with no problem, but I was wondering if there is a more convenient place to pickup L/R tail and L/R brake near the front. Anybody have access to a wiring diagram or schematic that can help?

I found via Google something on an older YJ, but I doubt if the colors are the same. I used a diode kit on the Liberty with great success for five years, so I'll go the same route with the Rubi.

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Thanks Mike...
Bringing this back from the dead as I need to get my 05 rubi ready to flat tow.
Oh boy, an old thread. I think I pulled all of that wiring out and threw my notes away since Rubi is a trailer queen. There are wireless activated kits with magnetic light bar that might be easier to set up.
Blue Ox has a plug and play towed vehicle set up.
Not cheap but sure easy to install.
Start here.
My 2006 lj is wired for flat towing and for towing a trailer itself. It's been a while, but I found information and hardware from etrailer.
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