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LOD signature tire carrier for LJ/TJ.....

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Anybody have it? I can't seem to find any reviews on the Signature series carrier. How was install? Has it held up? How was the wiring for the lights? How is the Hi-jack mount?
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jeepsyco said:
Signature series carrier.
I do not see a signature series on their website. Do you mean expedition?

If so, there are a bunch of pictures and write-ups here:
this one...... ... 267&page=1

it looks too new to have reviews though.
i dont have the signature series but i do have 1 of their tire carriers and i love it. it was much cheaper than other but is well built and after crashing my previous jeep into a concrete divider at 30mph and not breaking any of the welds on the front bumper i had from them (it took the whole force of the impact) even though it twisted my frame 3.5 inches and did tear the metal of the bumper where the shackle mount was (it was the point of impact) i'd say it is very well built. and for me it settled the debate of whether or not shackles need to be all the way through and welded to the back side as well. i'd say if it can take that force with breaking welds then just welded to the front is fine for me.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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