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LJ Black Soft Top (Frame and Windows) for Sale SoCal...$600

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I am selling my black factory Soft Top for my LJ. It is an 05 and in great condition with no tears or anything, all the zippers work great, no teeth missing, frame is straight, all joints work, comes with Sunrider option. The windows are in good condition as well, as you can see from the pictures virtually no scratches.

What I am selling is:
The Frame and Top (Black)
All 3 windows (Black Tinted)
Rear Window Bar
Door Surrounds for Passenger and Driver Side with Sunrider Option
I also have the White Plastic Inserts for the rear corners

As a bonus I throw in a stock brown rear window (also tinted) I used on camping trips as when your loaded with gear the soft top presses on the tire carrier and gets scuffed so it can be used as a beater rear window.

I no longer have the brackets that go on the Roll Cage, the metal brackets for the rear window bar, or joints on the soft top to connect it to the Roll Bar (I took mine off ,as the plastic ones wear out, to replace them but never replaced them and then lost the stock ones in the process...I am sorry!)

Shipping is an option but i dont know much about cost, if you want it shipped I can build a wood frame to hold the top that way it comes to you straight and not bent to hell...the cost of the wood I would cover, the cost of shipping would be on the buyer.

Finally I live in San Diego, let me know if I forgot any pertinent information and I will update ASAP.

Cost is $600 plus any shipping fees.


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