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Kumho Road Venture MTs

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Has anybody tried Kumho Road Venture MTs? What did you think? How long did they last?
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Looks similar to Nitto's with short side wall. No experience with the tire itself.
I looked them a couple years back, they only had 20" rim sizes then.
I have the old ones, that look a lot like a regular M/T, and actually, I like them quite a bit. They are relatively quiet, and have gotten me where I expected them to, and surprised me sometimes by going where I didn't. They have worn pretty well too.
I also had the old ones. They were great tires, but they sucked in the rain and ended up getting noisy. I really did like them, though.

I also run Kumho's on my Mustang. I'm a fan of the brand.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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