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Kudos to Tuffy

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I am not associated with Tuffy products by any means (other than owning a bunch) and since we often get to hear about break-ins, I thought I would share this. A couple nights ago about 5 or so cars in our condo complex got their windows smashed and stuff stolen (radios etc). My Jeep was sitting in right there ... no top, no doors. They didn't touch a thing :)

I have the oversize tuffy rear drawer, the underseat drawer, their lockable overhead console, the boxes that go over the rear fenders. There's nothing of value in the center console but since I don't really have a garage, most of my tools and jeep related items are stored in different parts of the jeep. I do have an alarm and possibly more than one "kill switch type things" ;) ... I plan to get the glove box soon (maybe xmas present? hehe).

This is not to say these boxes can't be broken into ... but they just moved to sedans which are much easier targets. They also didn't seem to care to take the factory cd player. I don't care if they take that. I'll just get something better and put it in the overhead console ... then use the factory radio hole for junk storage!
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sweet congrats, I wonder what they thought when they saw no doors or top? Maybe they tought of that show bait car.
That is what keeps my Jeep safe in the car theft capital of canada (winnipeg) no top or doors six months of the year and no matter where I park nothing ever gets touched, of course now that I have said it likely some reserve resident will trash it for me at work :laugh:

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