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JK rubicon express bushings

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well , the bushings on the JK last about 2 days wen wheeling a bit to hard .

we replaced all of them on the 27th upper and lower and .. on saturday 30/10 after driving for 3 hours we needed to relace the front uppers left and right side on both side's of the arm's .

anybody any advise with what i can repalce them SO THEY WILL HOLD ?
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Different control arms. RE bushing suck.
Currie, Clayton, AEV.

I'm sure one of our preferred vendors here on the forum would be glad to hook you up with one of the 3 mentioned above. In my opinion, RE just isn't with the times.
any of the fendors have a solution i can buy ??
I think all of the vendors will take care of you...take your pic, give em a call.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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