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Jeepless in Colorado

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Finally getting around to uploading a few pics from July. Both Jeeps were down for a few repairs, so we explored Colorado via other forms of transportation. Enjoy.

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Very nice pic's. Colorado is a beautiful place. Thanks for sharing.
Great pictures, thank you for sharing
breathtaking for sure
Great captures of Colorado. In the days of no seatbelts I road to Denver in a Triumph TR3 behind the seats of my mom and dad. We would always pass through Silverton and Durango. I look at your pics and am glad some things keep their wonder.
breathtaking and quite tempting to pack and move. Thank you for sharing.
Nice pics Phillip. In one of the pics there was something on the ground to the left. Is this part of the plane that went down, as explained on the Cross?

Chris can't keep anything on 4 wheels!
"Chris can't keep anything on 4 wheels!"

Jeff I drove it out of the v notch on Blanca and made it to como Lake...It did how ever take us 4 hrs to get their...One hr in jeep...And yes those were carbon fiber parts from the helicopter as we aproached 14 thousand feet while summitting Massive....Left you speechless and puts everything in perspective...You will have to join us next year in july as we head back up blanca.. 4 of phillips pics are from on top of 14K summits, .Sinc...Chris
Awesome, pics... I need to get out more.
Beautiful pictures. Thank you for sharing them. You've got a great eye.
terrific pics, fortunately I have family in co. so I go every summer
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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