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Jeep Jamborees!

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Registration just opened at midnight, 12/1/2010 for Jeep Jamboree 2011. The trails-only option for Llano is already sold out :? . We are signed up for Llano and for Palo Duro and looking forward to getting some group wheeling experience with a spotter. They have a trip to Ouray in later September, but that seems awfully late in the season. I think we'll spend at least a couple of weeks in Silverton probably in early August.

Based on trip reports I've read, most Jamboree participants are very pleased but there are a few not as happy. It seems those that aren't happy campers wind up in a large group with less than capable customer care, hopefully we'll have a great time and build our skills for our summer travels.

This summer we are planning on a wheeling trip in New Mexico, Utah and Colorado for about three or four months.
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Me and my daughters have done the Ouray and Palo Duro along with the Hot Springs and Missouri jamboree's at SMORR. They have all been great and the people have been real nice. I will say the trail guides at the Missouri jamboree, I believe they were members of the Ozark Jeep Club, were the best trail guides we've had. All the trail guides are extemely friendly and capable but some of them tend to let people struggle too much before giving them a strap. I will say that since I take my young daughters, we do the easier trails so they are fairly easy as far as obstacles for the way I have built my Jeep; but my daughters have a blast and thats the purpose of our trips. I'm going to do the Ouray and Hot Springs jamboree's this year and either the Palo Duro or Missouri one. I think you'll have a great time and meet some nice people.

I did the Ouray jamboree and while I enjoyed it, I wouldn't do it again. They let anyone who wants to sign up for a trail sign up. The result is doing the trails according to the weakest denominator. IE a stock Liberty. They dont' do Black Bear or Imogene. They have 15 - 20 rigs on a run. We were always waiting on the least experienced. I have wheeled there many times since and have had a lot more fun either solo or with a few friends. Just my two cents.
Bob, something must have changed because I did the Ouray Jamboree in 2006 and we did Imogene. Agreed, there were large groups that included Liberty's and Grand Cherokee's.
I just looked at the new events and found one in my back yard. There's a new one down in Laughlin Nevada. It might be fun.
Getting closer to the March Texas Spur! Got an email today from Jeep Jamboree with a link to their 2011 brochure, I was very surprised to see the Texas events are not sold out as yet.

Really looking forward to wheeling the Rubi instead of working on the thing :cheesy: . Should be great fun!!
Texas Spur is one of the best locations for a Jamboree. Palo Duro canyon is the other but I prefer to do the Challenge in September because it cost less.
I'm a first time Rubicon owner and would like to know what the best way to use my 4-wheel drive and how to take care of it.

Is there a Rubicon course out there that teaches how to use the transmission properly and one that might inspire me to start modifying my Rubicon for different trips like rock crawling and trail riding.
Hey Killer - welcome!

A really good way to learn is to join a local club - where are you located?

We started out wheeling our Liberty and took 'baby' steps. You do easy trails and then slowly work your way up while you acquire skills (and nerve!)

You could do a Jeep Jamboree and sign up for easy trails - I think that would also be a great way to learn.
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