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Jeep® ActionCamper© - expedition ready slide-on camper

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Developed for remote tours with two persons. Fitted with all amenities to achieve a comfortable and unforgettable expedition tour to pathless areas. Because the original hardtop, the rear door, the rear seat with seatbelts, and the rear roll cage are taken off, the weight increases only max. 200 KG ( 400 LB ). All parts are designed in 3D to make the smallest area useful. At your tour destination you can drive an extreme cabriolet with bikini top, while the camper serves you as a mobile home. The Wrangler Unlimited will be developed after production start.

I just want to know if there is any interest to have one of these campers.
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Looks like a really cool concept. Personally I doubt I would ever buy one, because it wouldn't fit on most of the trails I run, but for people who are more into the expedition type of wheeling, something like this would be great.
removal of the roll cage bothers me.. AEV or Flippac has a concept similar that retains the cage.
Dont mean to knock the idea, just voicing a concern.
Eric said:
removal of the roll cage bothers me...
It keeps the front roll cage... correct?

Looks like a really cool idea, doubt I would purchase it but like the idea of it on a longer LJ type rig.
Hi wsm04rubi,

maybe you didn't realize that this is a slide-on camper. So you can do you offroading without any extra weight.
Hi Eric,

after cutting of the rear section of the roll cage we weld a round flange to the upper tube, and another one to the tube at the rear fender. The cut off roll cage will be trimmed for the wall thickness of the flanges, and gets corresponding flanges welded on. When the camper is taken off the roll cage can be reinstalled with six bolts on each side. The camper has an integrated roll cage hidden inside the cabinets, the same corresponding flanges connect to the vehicle with six bolts on each side.
Hi bbush,

the Wrangler Unlimited will be developed after production start of my wonderful shorty
Glad to hear you've already addressed the issue, and the idea of mounting the camper from the modified rolll cage is an interesting approach. I guess I'm wondering.. what the estemated cost for such an animal will be, I'm guessing between 6-10K USD, considering deilvery & duty fees, unless your going to produce in the US. Maybe I am over shooting the mark here, and I like the idea, but, adding this might be cost prohibitive to an already expensive rig.
Especially in a rough economy.
Looking at your different web links in your sig, I kind of half expected to see a prototype in action on your Baja trip.

Good Luck
Hi Eric,
just got back from Libya testing. So far I have a manufacturer in Italy - body / Austria and Germany interior. It will take a little while until I can talk about prices. I hope to find a good manufacturer in the US. Shipping will be to expensive.

Baja was a great experience and helped together with the Tunesia, and now Libya trip to exactly know what's necessary for a expedition vehicle.
Maybe I'll sell raw bodies plus different floor plans and instructions for self made campers.
Just before the production tools get started we made a major change for the Unlimited. See the pictures at the end of the page >> detail photos
Now we make the same nook area as for the standard Wrangler to give a lot of extra space.
I went to your site and copied and pasted the following price 30.000,00 €. Multiply that by the exchange that I currently see $1.36 and you have the European price in US dollars. I didn't do the math because I don't understand the "point" and "comma" placement.

I also copied and pasted this from your site - Well known German, Austrian and American expedition vehicle manufacturers will fulfill every customer customization requests.

What American companies are you contracted with at this point?
So far I didn't get started to contact any manufacturers in the U.S. because I wanted to see the CNC model first. This week on Thursday the CNC work should be finished. In one more month the tools and the first prototype. Do you ( or anybody else ) know manufacturers who could be interested?

The planned price of EUR 30.000 ( USD 40.800 ) is for a fully equipped camper. At the moment I'm just guessing and hope to lower the price.
I doubt you ever sell any at $40,000. I appreciate the ingenuity, but have to be honest. There's a lot of nice options out there in the $10-15,000 range. Best of luck.
Especially in Germany are several companies who start the customization with 70.000 EUR Landcruisers and end up with a price tag of 130.000 EUR. A JK Rubicon costs about 46.000 EUR + 10.000 EUR for suspension, recover gear, pumpers etc. + 30.000 EUR for the ActionCamper. This makes a total of 86.000 EUR.

To reduce cost I´ll try to find a manufacturer for the U.S.. Does anybody know one who would go for it?
My dad and I once did a 50 mile backpacking trip for a week. We had to carry everything from day one. I've been on some two week trips with my Jeep, but I still had to buy supplimental food and fuel along the way. Every inch was needed for supplies.

I see that you have other vehicles on your expeditions. What are you thinking the range of one Jeep/camper is by its self?
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