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Jana 76 and 54

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Really interesting thread I stumbled across. Some really good tech on axle building. If you have the time to read it the guy has done some cool stuff. Stuffing a Dana 70 in a Dana 60 housing and a Dana 50 in a Dana 44. Cheap upgrade for those staying around a 37" tire.
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Carl is a local boy. Well, local to WA anyway. Yes, he does some very cool stuff with diff's. That is definitely a good read with a TON of good tech. You thinking of putting one of his setups in your new ton build sleeps? The grind work is minimal by the sounds of things. Looks like you could have a very stout setup for relatively cheap overall on your build.

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Actually "IF" the ever came out I would like a sixty9. The 3rd member drop out is $1225 and the ruffstuff housing is $550 last I read on pbb. He was having casting issues slowing producting and moving to a new manufacturer. I have plenty of time for all that. I'm just doing the rear for now. Build savings and gather parts. I just thought that would be a great read for some looking for strength and keep their current axles.
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